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3 min readOct 19, 2022

Hello again and thank you all who have to the time to download and test out our recently launched Xoth Wallet. If you were an early user you may have noticed some changes and new features to make one’s experience seamless within the NEAR and Octopus ecosystems but there’s something really important that we desire to improve early in this journey before we assist with onboarding 1 billion users….our brand name.

Welcome Opto, So long Xoth!

Prior to launch we attempted to think of a creative, appealing and fitting name for our wallet which in time we were successful through inspiration from a particular short story of the science fiction-horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. This story known as “The Call of Cthulhu” tells the story of an ancient anthropomorphic Octopus being that was worshipped on Earth who originally came from a green binary star known as Xoth. Now if you haven’t heard of the author or story you may not know the plot or how to pronounce certain name which we can fully understand. This is why we pushed on and selected something that gives a greater connection to our mission to be the best wallet on NEAR and beyond; we deemed this wallet Opto which relates to “vision”. Perception is everything to an individual or group of people and we truly feel that our product will give not just one light but many fragments of this intelligent source that will bring together the technologies of NEAR Protocol/Octopus Network and the dApps built within these respective chains with users who want the best experience possible; having a seamless and effortless way of connecting to a decentralized financial world. Our new logo is a triangular light prism which you may have seen before in certain circumstances but to our team this image holds great symbolism to our rebranding. In our eyes Opto will push to be the go to wallet not only for the average crypto investor but also for developers since we have certain features such as custom networks to assist their needs. Please take the time to try out our wallet by downloading from either Google Play or the Apple Store to see how exemplary this wallet is so far. Currently we are participating in NEAR Metabuild III and hope to come out as one of the winners. If possible please give us a like or comment in regards to the current version of our product in the link provided below. Also, we would love for you all to be a part of the Opto Wallet discord and twitter community so don’t hesitate to join or follow our respected social media channels.

“Have Sight of Your Crypto with Opto Wallet”

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Github: https://github.com/NonceLabs

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